Amit Soni

Real Estate Sales Representative

Born in Brampton and having grown up in the town of Ajax and attended University of Ontario Institute of Technology, I am no stranger to the Greater Toronto Area and everything it has to offer.


After obtaining my undergraduate degree at the University of Ontario, I worked for several years as a financial advisor before attaining my real estate license. My financial and mortgage background is the perfect match for the real estate client. My unique experience allows me to guide you from the mortgage pre-approval to receiving the keys to your new home stage, all while upholding a high standard of service, passion and professional client experience.


I first started learning about real estate at the age of 18 when my parents made their first new construction purchase. I continued my education by tagging along with my father as he adventured out into the investment side of real estate. It was a great experience as I was able to apply my early-experienced knowledge of real estate when I started my position as a financial advisor. I was able to take that knowledge and experience to help guide my clients as if they were my father for every step of the way. 12 years later, I continue down the real estate path and look forward to applying the continued growth of knowledge and experience in helping you with your real estate needs.

Amit’s Contact Details


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