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Our Process

We provide the most complete listing services in the industry, combining the best marketing and technology with top Realtors and a massive international reach.


Prepare the Home

Our home preparation consultation ensures that you prepare your property to look its absolute best to get as much value from your sale as possible.


Photos and Video

In today’s digital world, photos and videos are the most important aspect of any listing. They lay the foundation for all of our marketing and attract buyers to your property.


Market and Advertise

Our marketing department is the best in the industry. We leverage print and digital media as well as our global network to get your property the most exposure.


Negotiate and Close

Remax Millennium Realtors are the cream of the crop having both the training and experience to get you the most for your property.

Stunning, modern staging that produces results.

We help our clients prepare their home so that they can maximize their return. It’s not hard to tell when you see a Reman Millenium property…they are the ones that you want yours to look like.

02 Photos & Video

The best photography and video lay the foundation for promotion.

Photos and video are critical to generating exposure for your property and greatly impact the effectiveness of our online ads. We utilize every medium including photos, 360 virtual tours, videos, drone footage and more.

Massive marketing reach that covers the entire globe.

We don’t simply rely on when we sell properties. We are online advertising experts and we get your property in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers using the latest advertising technologies. We also have a massive database of buyers and Realtors who we share every one of our properties with. It’s a process that leads to incredible results.

03 Advertising
04 Close

The experience to maximize your returns.

Promotion and price are two critical aspects of the selling success, but oftentimes the difference between a good sale and a great sale is in your Realtor’s ability to negotiate on your behalf. We have a track record of success that speaks for itself.


Our track record of success speaks for itself. We simply excel at marketing and selling properties; from downtown condos to estate homes, our process and promotion leads to exceptional results.

*Listing promo of 0.5%+HST is for the listing of the home. 2.5% will be offered for the co-operating brokerage. To qualify for 0.5%+HST listing promo, you must a) Sign up by the form above or by calling 647-261-7446 b) List your home in 2021.